Cathedrals 'Try To Fight' by Jesse Fleece

Cathedrals 'Try To Fight' by Jesse Fleece
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A brokenhearted young woman heads for the dance studio to chase her blues away - and succeeds in releasing an explosively sexual dance fantasy in Jesse Fleece's video for Cathedral.

With its '80s detail, fashion sense and film feel (courtesy of a dream team of DoP Larkin Sieple and colourist Ricky Gausis) Try To Fight is a beautifully-crafted reworking of that famous scene in Flashdance, and dancer Kylie Shea is great in the Jennifer Beals role, conjuring her fellow dancer Nick Baga from her erotic imaginings. It's hot stuff!


Jesse Fleece
Tara Alexis
Production Company
Doomsday EntertainmentDoomsday Entertainment website
Executive Producer
Jason Cole
Production Manager
Cristina Bidagor
1st AD
Steve Bagnara
Director of Photography
Larkin Seiple
Focus Puller
Matt Sanderson
2nd AC
Jonathan Dec
Mike Beckman
Art Director
Heather Farah
Abigail Francis
Hair & Make-up
Amadora Biscette
Ernie Gilbert
Ricky Gausis
Grading company
Ethan Feldbau
Kylie Shea, Nick Baga
Nick Baga
Lighting Designer
Matt Ardine
Art Asst
Corey McWilliams
Jordan Espinoza
Prod Assist
Kiel Eulberg, Kyle Scheiffer, Nick Mann, Paul Judah
Lighting Board Operator
Joe Watrach
BB Electric
Harold Lacuesta
Key Grip
Tom "TJ" Johnson
BB Grip
Austin Johnson
Paul Sartain

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