The Shins 'Half A Million' by LAMAR+NIK

The Shins 'Half A Million' by LAMAR+NIK
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LAMAR + NIK are dab-hands at making visually inventive stuff in the most labour intensive ways, so it's not really surprising their new video for The Shins is another fabulous feat of perseverence. In fact they have revisited an idea of printing out a filmed performance (they did it before with Sam Crain) but now pushed it much further. 

For Half A Million, L+N shot the band against a white backdrop, edited it, then printed it all out - all 4,868 frames. Then came the really clever (and really hard) bit: making 5,566 stickers, hand cut from all those frames, and animating them by sticking them on top of each other at a number of different locations. That way the band on stickers interact with the real world in all sorts of imaginative ways.

So much work, but its an absolute gem to behold.


Nichelle Johns / Sabi Rivera / Aeddon Wegrzyn-van Zant / Mason Drumm / Tracy Tinsley
Director's Representation
Las Bandas (usa)
Saul Levitz
Columbia Records Usa


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