Love Ssega 'Crazy Deluded' by Anna Patarakina & Daria Geller

Love Ssega 'Crazy Deluded' by Anna Patarakina & Daria Geller
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Russian duo Anna Patarakina & Daria Geller - aka Family Crew – make their directing debut for up and coming artist Love Ssega, bringing out the playfulness of a song that ponders the hidden irony in some relationships.

Shot in the striking landscape of southern Sweden, the video for Crazy Deluded explores Ssega's unpredictable relationship with a girl through a breezy narrative and camera trickery that makes her occasionally disappear.

This also marks a reunion of the artist and directors, who worked together in 2010 on the video for Clean Bandit's Mozart's House. Patarakina and Geller were DoPs on that and further Clean Bandit videos that have now amassed over 2 billion YouTube views in total. They have also gone on to work on commercial and film projects separately, but this marks their co-directing debut under their own studio, Family Crew.


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Daria Geller
Family Crew
Pretty Plan
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Family Crew
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Pretty Plan
Ntongo Tiisa Kiwanuka
Alexander Ambalov
Julia Antonova
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