Mick Jagger 'England Lost' by Saam Farahmand

Mick Jagger 'England Lost' by Saam Farahmand
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Mick Jagger's scathing response to Brexit has inspired a compelling, quietly furious video by Saam Farahmand.

While Jagger uses a sporting metaphor in England Lost to make his point about the country's slide into global irrelevance, Farahmand takes the metaphor in another more cinematic direction.

Luke Evans plays the man from the Ministry, with '50s suit and impeccable old-world manners, who senses the need to rebel. And so he runs - not only from the city, but apparently out of his own time. Colliding into signs of a far more modern world feeds his paranoia and the desire to escape. But ultimately, and in classic fashion, he is marooned. 

Farahmand's surreal nightmare vision, laced with humour, reflects Jagger's own beginnings in the mid-20th century - the age of George Orwell, post-war paranoia, old school espionage. And also the brilliant 60s TV show The Prisoner, where the hero was imprisoned in the Village, and the border of his world was the beach. Here the Village is just a little bit bigger.  


Saam Farahmand
Amber Millington
Production Company
Black Sheep Studios
Executive Producer
Semera Khan
Executive Producer
Dan Keefe
Executive Producer
Anthony Austin
Production Manager
Mavreen Brown
1st AD
Ed Bellamy
Director of Photography
Steve Annis
Focus Puller
Eira Wyn Jones
2nd AC
Jenny Chuan
Alex Gibbon
Art Director
Chloe Brady
Emily-rose Yiaxis
Lisa Mustafa
David Stevens
Editing company
The Assembly Rooms
Seamus O'Kane
Grading company
The Mill
Post production company
The Mill
Post Producer
Thom Godsill
Stefan Susemihl
Semera Khan
Luke Evans
Sound Recordist
Robin Green
Stunt Performer
Dacio Caballero
Helena Bullen, Flynn Chester, Charles Gillies, Maceo Bhardwaj, Jesse Ayertey, Ray Mccallan, Pelham Elliott
Additional Cast
Ruby Prendergast, Roshni Rathore, Lynsey Balloch, Sam Chapman, Christopher Pan, Norryk Jackson, Samuel Scott

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