DJ Shadow 'Corridors' by Dan Emmerson

DJ Shadow 'Corridors' by Dan Emmerson
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Technology and natural grace vie for attention in Dan Emmerson's absorbing video for DJ Shadow.

Corridors is a cinematic soundscape that goes techno, and Emmerson's visuals reflect the unpredictable nature of the track, cutting between swimsuited girls in a pool and miniature, remote-controlled supercar.

The scenes are drawn together by the nighttime settings and low-lighting - the spotlit pool, the car illuminated by lazers – before the introduction of the piece de resistance: a turntable, with DJ Shadow vinyl on the deck, encased in a block of ice. Now that really is cool.


Dan Emmerson
Jak Payne
Production Company
SomesuchSomesuch website
Executive Producer
Hannah Turnbull-Walter
1st AD
Hayley Williams
Ben Cook
Tim Smith
Director of Photography
Deepa Keshvala
Director of Photography
Ed Hubert
Focus Puller
Joel Honeywell
Focus Puller
Jonny Lewis
2nd AC
Francesca Zucchini
Costume designer
Josephine Saich
Esteban Gimpelewicz
Leopold Naessens
Trainee Spark
Jackson Payne
Romain Richard

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