Village Green 'Salvation' by Noah Harris & Andy Biddle

Village Green 'Salvation' by Noah Harris & Andy Biddle
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In an ambitious project for Village Green Recordings' album Salvation - which showcases the music of eight composers signed to the label - Noah Harris and Andy Biddle take us on a voyage through time and nothing less than the history of mankind, though the mesmerising animation of found objects. 

It's actually a sequence of interconnecting films, each one representing a track and composer from the album, that can be savoured individually on the Salvation project website. But they also come together to tell an epic story of evolution, and the story is told from objects that have been salvaged from car-boot sales and flea markets around London, as the making of film shows.

From the birth of a planet in ELEMENT, the growth of the human race in SENTIENCE, and its descent towards the inevitable in OBLIVION, it's animated entirely in camera, and showcase Noah Harris’s unwavering attention to detail and love of physical objects.


Noah Harris
Andy Biddle
Production Company
Executive Producer
Bart Yates
Hugo Donkin
Production Assistant
Alli Albion
Director of Photography
Toby Howell
Lead Animator
Andy Biddle
Craig Atkinson
Luke George
Aldo Camilleri
Max Halstead
Art Director
Noah Harris
Art Director
Robin Crowley
Set Builder
Will Vincent
Max Windows
Editing company
HomespunHomespun website
Post production company
Nineteen Twenty
VFX Supervisor
Ludo Fealy
Duncan Russell
Grading company
William Kay
Art Dept. Assistant
Jack Needell
Art Dept. Runner
Adam Williams, Ruby Smith, Ella Keogan-Harris
Emilie Forey, Alice Lindley
VFX Artists
Adam McHale, Rob Lilley, Graeme Eglin, Adrian Monroy Diaz, Chris King, Joe Lawrenson.
Data Management
Kurt Bailey
Wave Studios
Harry Barber, Sam Davis, Rebecca Boswell, Charles Gillett, Scott Griffin, Angela Hart

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