Domino Gold 'Wichita' by Norman Bates

Domino Gold 'Wichita' by Norman Bates
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Belgian directing duo Norman Bates make a return to music videos with this searing tale of love, compassion, and obsession for London-based Domino Gold.

The directors - that's Inti Calfat and Dirk Verhaye - have been working on their own fiction series recently and they bring their sense of dark, unpredictable drama here. A disfigured young man's obsession with a 'perfect' girl takes an unexpected turn as she welcomes his attention. But their happiness is brief before a more terrifying obsession takes hold. 

It's an ultimately devastating story, performed and directed with impressive conviction. When you play with fire, expect to get burned.


Norman Bates
Chou-Jung Kuo
Production Company
Lovo Films
Executive Producer
Bert Brulez
Production Manager
Juliette Stinglhamber
1st AD
Soraya Verbeke
Director of Photography
Grimm Vandekerkhove
Focus Puller
Joris Rymen
2nd AC
Muna Baradi
Gert-jan Coorevits
Art Director
Luc Noël
Gemma Hodgetts
Gert Van Berckelaer
Editing company
Peter Bernaerts
Grading company
Pixmix Studios
Post production company
Pixmix Studios
George Somner
Dottie James
Director's Representation
StinkStink website
Loud Parade Http://

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