Vic Mensa 'Rage' by Andrew Donoho

Vic Mensa 'Rage' by Andrew Donoho

Andrew Donoho packs a powerful punch with this cinematic disaster study for Vic Mensa.

Using a plane crash as an extended metaphor for Mensa's struggles with addiction and depression, Donoho creates an incredible performance piece that nightmarishly intense. Mensa's performance on the track and in the video grab you by the throat and drag you down towards terra firma at white-knuckle speeds and don't let go until it's over.

Blurring the line between surreal ordinary, Donoho has crafted a perfectly thrilling visual experience. 

From the director


"Rage stood out as one of the most powerful, personal, and intense songs Vic has released, and I wanted to create something equally visceral.

"The song stemmed from his mindset during a fight with depression and addiction, so a plane crash felt like the perfect metaphor for the loss of control and the battle for survival. Burying this metaphor into a drug/alcohol fueled death-dream allowed the raw emotion of the song to manifest on screen in a harrowing narrative that takes place between fantasy and reality."


Andrew Donoho
Steven Zacks
Production Company
Executive Producer
Ian Blair
Executive Producer
Kimberly Stuckwisch
1st AD
Chad Nicholson
Director of Photography
Nico Navia
Focus Puller
Jeremy Asuncion
2nd AC
Natalie Fong
Art Director
Nelson DeCastro
Illeisha Lussiano
Julie Bee
Andrew Donoho
Greg Reese
Grading company
The Mill
Post production company
Donoho Productions Llc
Josh Hakian
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Kevin Kloecker
Roc Nation
Andrew Donoho, Tim Daust, Jordan Allen, Daniel Phillips.
Production Coordinator
Jake Miller
2nd AD
Terrisha Kearse
Production Designer
Tyler Jensen
Stunt Coordinator
Mindy Kelly

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