Moses Sumney 'Doomed' by Allie Avital

Moses Sumney 'Doomed' by Allie Avital

Allie Avital and Moses Sumney team up once more for this hauntingly beautiful video for Doomed.

Submerged in a flotation tank, Sumney serenades the person in the neighbouring tank to him, the camera floats as gracefully as he does, whilst he holds his breath for an impossible amount of time. There's a ghostly tension to the unbroken gaze of the camera, and the sparseness of the set design only serves to increase the intimate, yet isolated atmosphere.


Allie Avital
Jade Forte
Production Company
PartizanPartizan website
Executive Producer
Laura Jones
Director of Photography
Ryan Hope
Chris Tonkovich
Art Director
Victoria Foraker
Jake Schwartz
Nick Metcalf
Grading company
The Mill
VFX Vfx Studio
Director's Representation
PartizanPartizan website

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