Manchester Orchestra 'The Alien' by Mike Dempsey

Manchester Orchestra 'The Alien' by Mike Dempsey

Mike Dempsey and Manchester Orchestra continue their collaboration under the watchful eyes of DANIELS with this study in melancholy played out in reverse.

Death, memory, childhood, and innocence; look on as it all goes out the window. Well, actually it's coming back in through the window as Dempsey's clip plays a catastrophe of grief in reverse. We watch the band perform in a long-forgotten living room (in reverse) whilst people fall down stairs, from the tops of buildings and out of windows. It's a harrowing mood piece as much as a narrative experiment.


Mike Dempsey
Creative Director
Production Company
PrettybirdPrettybird website
Director of Photography
Jess Dunlap
Executive Producer
Candice Dragonas
Production designer
Natalie Groce

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