RAC ft. Rivers Cuomo 'I Still Wanna Know' by Claire Marie Vogel

RAC ft. Rivers Cuomo 'I Still Wanna Know' by Claire Marie Vogel
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Meet the world's worst mailman. This guy seems incapable of doing his job properly – but has a lot of fun (not) doing it.

Nor does his utterly irresponsible behaviour go down too well in his particular part of suburbia  - until he hooks up with RAC to deliver a rocking guitar solo on I Still Wanna Know, bringing the party to the neighbourhood. 

Claire Marie Vogel directed the video after meeting the band's Anjos on a photo shoot. “I’ve always felt like music videos are a great opportunity to produce a short film,” the musician explained to Consequence of Sound. “It was an absolute pleasure to work with Claire and I think she really understood what I was going for creatively.”


Claire Marie Vogel
Molly Ortiz
Production Company
Kode MediaKode Media website
Director of Photography
Rick Darge
Focus Puller
Mike Cavanaugh
2nd AC
Cody William Smith
Art Director
Kristy Baltezore
Sara Raftery
Leticia Llesmin
Arielle Zakowski
Ashleigh Allard
Derek Hansen
Grading company
The Mill
Director's Representation
Tommy Labuda (us Representation)

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