Death From Above 1979 'Freeze Me' by Corey Adams

Death From Above 1979 'Freeze Me' by Corey Adams

Corey Adams' new promo for Death From Above 1979 is a bizarre tale of ignorance through material excess.

High in the hills, away from any trouble in the city a cult of bodybuilders celebrate their lavish excess and have Canadian duo Death From Above 1979 wait on them hand and foot. Their self-worship and expensive lifestyle can't save them from the impending nuclear disaster, but that doesn't mean they can't look and feel great as it all comes crashing down before their eyes.


Corey Adams
David Burden
Production Company
Farm League
Executive Producer
Michael Pizzo
Executive Producer
Tim Lynch
Production Manager
Josh Cassel
Director of Photography
Liam Mitchell
Focus Puller
Kyler Jae
Beau Leon
Grading company
Dave Levine
Devin Sarno
Last Gang / Warner Bros. Records

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