Bastille 'Glory' by Daniel Brereton

Bastille 'Glory' by Daniel Brereton

Daniel Brereton takes Bastille's Dan Smith on a lawless American road trip in the video for 'Glory'.

Partially a glorious piece of road-movie Americana and partially a study in the shaping of memories - Brereton's video sees a couple (Bastille's Dan Smith and actress May Daniels) lie on the hood of a car and reminisce about their trip. The tales they tell materialise as flashbacks with details changing as the pair misremember their antics. Beautifully shot by Adam Kimmel (whose feature work includes Capote and Never Let Me Go) the film cuts between perspectives to tell a beautifully fragmented tale.


Daniel Brereton
Production Company
Dirty Films
Executive Producer
Ben Parkin
Executive Producer
Alex Bedford
Line Producer
Mike Carr
Production Assistant
Kristina Epenetos
Line Producer
Van Folger
Director of Photography
Adam Kimmel
1st AC
Ian Clampett
Director's Representation
Alexa Haywood @ Freeagentuk
Ellie Johnson
Joanna Apps
Post production company
Lucky Cat
Post Producer
Lauren Skelton
Vicki Gordon
Jack McGinity
Grading company
Time Based Arts
Sound design
Spesh Maloney
James Hackett

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