Take That 'New Day' by Gregg Masuak

Take That 'New Day' by Gregg Masuak

Take That reunite with director Gregg Masuak in this homage to some horror movie favourites.

It looks as though Take That have gone and found themselves slap bang in the middle of every single horror film at the same time. What a spot of bad luck. Really though, take a second to pick all the best horror baddies out of the line-up here! This great tongue-in-cheek bit of over-acting from everyone involved is hilariously contrasted by the upbeat song, too. Oh, and just when you think all hope is lost, the band save the day the only way they can; with the power of dance.

A fun, knowing collaboration from a band and director that have both learned a lot since the days of Pray.



Gregg Masuak
Kwok Yau
Production Company
Biscuit Filmworks
Production Manager
Lisa Turnbull
Director of Photography
Marcus Domleo
Semera Khan
Director's Rep (UK)
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