JP Cooper 'Passport Home' by JJ Augustavo

JP Cooper 'Passport Home' by JJ Augustavo
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British singer-songwriter JP Cooper has enlisted JJ Augustavo to direct his new video for Passport Home. It's a lovely, simple visual to complement the song, following a few characters as they face daily life's trials and tribulations.

An elderly man struggles through physical therapy while his worried grandson observes him. A skateboarder challenges himself with a big jump that he can't quite manage to land. A woman gets in her car but can't get the engine to start.

But as the video goes on, they all manage to face their troubles head on, with the hopeful song serving as a strong driving force, encouraging them to persevere. 


JJ Augustavo
Adam Leeman
Production Company
The Huge
Executive Producer
Kate Taylor / Matt Factor
Production Manager
Katie Ritter
1st AD
Lizzy Walker
Director of Photography
Mike Mcmillin
Focus Puller
Bradley Wilder
2nd AC
Oliver Lewis
Leonard Mccleod Ii
Art Director
Kelly Fallon
Celina Rodriguez
Celina Rodriguez
Dan Aronin
Mikey Rossiter
Grading company
The Mill Nyc
Post Producer
Evan Bauer / Natalie Westerfield
Stephanie Hoston, Haywood Gordon, Airik Ace, Joseph Daru, Araceli Najar, Isiah Hilt
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Emily Sonnet
Production Company
Skunk London

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