Jess Kent 'Trolls' by Jaime Martinez

Jess Kent 'Trolls' by Jaime Martinez
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Up and coming British pop singer Jess Kent has released this engaging and fun video for her track Trolls directed by Jaime Martinez.

The clip followed the singer on a sunny high street, as she swaggers along with friends, gets loads of sweets at her local Latin Market and hangs out at the laundromat. The usual. Peppered throughout with animated photos, the result is a cool and playful introduction to the singer's music and style. 


From the director


"For this video I drew inspiration mainly through Jess’s Instagram feed and her fresh style, as well as by gifs I have made in the same vibe and style. I wanted to create a very spontaneus video with a great deal of attitude and cool performance. 

"I see this one as a video portrait, Jess performing looking effortlessly cool in different Mexican colourful spots in L.A. To give a contrast with the digital video, I used film 3D gifs to give it a raw and "Instagram/Tumblr" feeling."


Jaime Martinez
Sara Lacombe
Production Company
B-Reel Films
Production Company
Noetic Content
Executive Producer
Margo Mars
Executive Producer
Chloe Page
Production Manager
Jay Tauzin
Director of Photography
Justin Kane
Haley Camile Freedman
Director's Representation
Chloe Page at Lock It InChloe Page at Lock It In website
Jesús Rodríguez
Jesús Rodríguez

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