Alt-J 'In Cold Blood' by Casper Balslev

Alt-J 'In Cold Blood' by Casper Balslev

Here's a hell of a 'what if' scenario: what if Iggy Pop narrated a nature documentary wherein the animal essentially plays the part of Josh Brolin in the first part of No Country For Old Men?

Well, wonder no more. Casper Balslev's video for Alt-J's In Cold Blood starts off innocently enough. It's the intrepid, wily adventures of your average wood mouse, and it's beautifully shot and majestically paced like the best the BBC can offer - right up until the point where our cute little mousey pal scuttles over a still-fresh disembodied human hand and into the aftermath of what we can only assume was a deal gone very bad indeed.

As far as narrative left-turns go, this one is loaded with visual hooks and mysteries to unpack. But essentially the moral is clear: the dangers faced by the plucky mouse in the natural world, pale in comparison to the darkness perpetrated by humankind.


Casper Balslev
Production Company
Black Dog FilmsBlack Dog Films website
Andrew Law
Infectious Music
Production Company
Head of Music Video
Martin Roker
Executive Producer
Thor Brammer Jacobsen
Mikkel Damkiær
Production Manager
Nicoline Lau Edinger
Director of Photography
Niels Thastum
Anders Albjerg
Production designer
Anna Gry Skovdal
1st AD
Tue Czajkowski
Directors Assistent
Joacim Faugner
B- Unit Camera
Niels Buchholtzer
Martin Riello
Best Boy
Jonas Madsen
Focus Puller
Thue Garde, Mads Hoppe
2nd AC
Kristoffer Hoyer
Key Grip
Christian Brøndum
Sound Design
Martin Dirkov
Mouse Whisper
Jessie Davidsson
Set Build
Joshua Beckford
Make- up SFX
Per Kapper
Make up
Louise Bruun
My Ringsted
Car Wrangler
Søren Hvam
Production Coordinator
Lea Sönnichsen
Production Assistent
Linea Cramer
Location Manager
Kristian Nørlyng
Syd & friends
Martine Lindskjold, Jonathan Albrecthsen, Kristian Hedegaard Petersen. Brian Rodrigues, Kenneth Bøtker, Frej Levin, Rainy James, Philip Hoeg, Henrik Queitsch, Kress Bøtel, Ronni Tronborg, Axel Emil Christensen
Post production
Lasse Marcussen
Bjørn Munch
Post production coordinator
Emma Engberg
Additional Sound mix
Sylvester Holm
Directors Rep Black Dog Films
Holly Wolfers

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