Sonder 'Too Fast' by Noah Lee

Sonder 'Too Fast' by Noah Lee
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Noah Lee's video for Sonder's Too Fast begins with the sight of a young boy with his chest torn open, holding his own heart. But what follows is not quite as harrowing as that opening suggests.

This is a dream vision of the boy exploring his own domain, which is the wide open prairie. His journey is paralleled by a similar one made on foot by an adult - the young boy's older self. But it's as much as about absorbing the images - evidently shot on film, crafted by Christopher Ripley, who also graded the video - as deciphering the story. Sit back and enjoy.



From the director


"We put a lot of blood, sweat, tears and more tears into this one. I'm happy to finally see it breathe and exist in its own world. I wanted to create a parallel between the visuals and the sounds that echoed the parallel between the lead characters younger and older self.”


Noah Lee
Sara Elgamal
Production Company
Pulse FilmsPulse Films website
Executive Producer
Danny Lee
Production Manager
Mateo Llosa
Director of Photography
Christopher Ripley
Focus Puller
Jacob Perry
Jake Kaster
Noah Lee
Christopher Ripley
Tanner Merrill / Trevor Corrigan (wingman Vfx)
Director's Representation
Pulse FilmsPulse Films website
Executive Producer
Zalman Band
Production designer
Angus Bernsen
Production designer
Tyler Evans
1st AC
Jacob Perry
Greg Loebell, Genevieve Evans
Jake Kaster
Fetus Design
Jack Pullman
Autonomous F/X
SFX Artist
David Brooke
SFX Assistant
Kruzificio Valadez
Casting Director
Cindy Romano
Location Owner
Craig Armstrong
Amir Legrone, Brent Faiyaz, Suniyah & Laniyah Smith
Sound Design/mix
Cellist (score)
Gabe Noel
Special Thanks
Montalis Anglade, Charlie Morse, Amelia Kring, Carver Karaszewski

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