Colouring 'Heathen' by Shaun James Grant

Colouring 'Heathen' by Shaun James Grant
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There's a contrast at the heart of Shaun James Grant's video for Colouring: on the one hand there's a heartfelt performance; on the other a curious observer, who happens to be a gold-coloured nude human nymph.

From the director


"Creating this piece was very much about first encounters and human connection. There's so much that runs through it for me, so many subtle nuances that encompass the connections we make with one another and how we choose to peruse them. For me It's always important to tell a narrative of substance in a way that feels unique whilst giving people something they can relate too.

"From our leading lady's narrative point of view, it was the story of being introduced to a new world, being born into the unknown and forming a sense of curiosity that grew throughout. At the same time it plays into the idea of restlessness and inability to commit, she's looking for something but isn't sure what. I think this is very true to the world we currently live in, our attention spans are so short, we are surrounded by distractions and unable to absorb and fully appreciate the moment. There was definitely an element of that of which I felt was important to convey in a way that wasn’t at all preachy.

"From the band’s point of view she was more of a figment of their imagination, an otherworldly being, placed on a pedestal. A subconscious reimagining of an old flame, or personification of a fantasy - again it's something they want but can't grasp. I kind of felt like her being gold and striking was a metaphor for how we sometimes place our admiration for others to such a high status its almost unreal.

"Their apathy and lack of emotion juxtaposed with her curiosity again taps into that notion of being disillusioned and lost. I wanted her to feel like the life in stagnant world - using the boys as her playground, part of the territory she's exploring. Although she's naked there's nothing overtly sexual about her performance, which was really important, she's not there for their pleasure - if anything the boys are her objects to toy with."


Shaun James GrantShaun James Grant website
Nailah Clair Blissett
Production Company
Lemonade Money
Executive Producer
James Payne
1st AD
Steven Eniraiyetan
Director of Photography
Ann Evelin Lawford
Focus Puller
Karl Hui
2nd AC
Jean Ash
Yan Murawski
Art Director
Stuart Bolin
Hannah Hopkins
Holly Treadgold
Kit Jennings
Philip Hambi
Grading company
Post Producer
Clair Norrish
Claudia Rose Maybury
Interscope Records

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