Childhood 'Californian Light' by Georgio Barber

Childhood 'Californian Light' by Georgio Barber

There's no Californian Light but there's a lot of London Heart in Georgio Barber's video for Childhood.

Featuring Ben Romans-Hopcraft of the band taking a breezy walk around East Street's market stalls, dancing with traders and hanging out with his friends all whilst performing the track in the midst of the London suburb. Barber and DP Reuben Woodin-Dechamps find beauty in the ordinary here - turning urban landscapes into interesting compositions that might otherwise pass you by.


Georgio Barber
Jak Payne
1st AD
Dorothy Allen-Pickard
Director of Photography
Ruben Woodin-Dechamps
Focus Puller
Spike Morris
2nd AC
Ben Hanratty
Art Director
Camilla Hipwood
Charlotte Roberts
Charlie Rotberg
Brendan Buckingham
Grading company
The Mill
Stephanie Haughton
Marathon Artists

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