Tender 'Erode' by Jack A Bowden

Tender 'Erode' by Jack A Bowden
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Director Jack Bowden says the song struck him as being "pure sex", and his video for Tender is certainly a beautifully-crafted and artful depiction of the act of lovemaking.

The physical passion of the young couple is complemented by imagery of water - dark, churning, and oily – which complements their sensuality. But above all, it's the look of the video that's so alluring: DoP's Nick Morris's silver-tinted black and white photography is exceptional.

From the director


“When I first heard ‘Erode’, it struck me as pure sex. The slow sonic pulses, climaxing in quicker, intense sections put an image of a black tar-like liquid in my head. Paralleling the actions of intimacy, it creates violent waves at heightened moments and falls back to a calm ripple during the moments of tenderness.

"With each subsequent listen, the vulnerability of the lyrics became clear. This manifested itself in the aesthetic, by which we deliberately lit the cast towards the blue end of the spectrum. This enabled us to bring out blemishes which are deep beneath the skin and invisible to the naked eye, peeling back the layers between the lovers.

"Tender portray an eerily intimate isolation in ‘Erode’. It’s an isolation not between lovers, but between them and civilisation. The natural and simplistic video needed some kind of big reveal, and what better way than to link that isolation to the metaphorical sex? During the last seconds of the song, I visualised a pull-back showing the two afloat on a vast ocean of their own sex (black liquid), far away from the rest of the world."


Jack A Bowden
Ailsa Vanessa Tapping
Production Company
Nonsense & Co.
Production Manager
Femi Anderson
1st AD
Bryony James
Director of Photography
Nick Morris
Focus Puller
Gary Long
2nd AC
Matt Farrant
Christopher Broomfield
Art Director
Ash Halliburton
Jonny Tully
Grading company
Smoke & Mirrors
Post Producer
Raymond Okudzeto,
VFX Company
Smoke & Mirrors
Anna Tatton
Isaac Plowright
Partisan Records
Camera Trainee
Milo Brown
Dave Bradshaw
Tsvetina Georgieva
Kana Hirai
Art Direction Assistant
Megan Emily Nixon
Jonathan Foskett, Tommy Coulter-liston, Felix Silvestris
On-set VFX
Samual Ian
George Rumsay and Camille Brayer At Panavision

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