Hurts 'Beautiful Ones' by Tim Mattia

Hurts 'Beautiful Ones' by Tim Mattia

Tim Mattia's clip for Hurts' Beautiful Ones is a powerful, heartbreaking story played in reverse.

Mattia's clip starts out with a car crash that seems accidental at first - with a bloodied Theo Hutchcraft, Hurts' lead singer, behind the wheel. But before long comes a gut punch, as the viewer starts to put the pieces together. Each step backwards in time reveals more action, context, and character motivation - and becomes so resonant for real issues that the LGBTQ continue to face.

Hutchcraft gives a riveting performance as the story's central character, and he also wrote the story. "The song is a celebration of individuality, [and] I had the whole visual and story of the video mapped out whilst we were making the song," he has revealed. "I wanted the message to be as potent and powerful as possible. In order to emphasise how vital our personal liberty is, I felt it was important to show the grim reality so many people face just trying to be themselves. It's that daily struggle which makes them the strongest of us all."

The video's end is a bittersweet party sequence that looks amazing, but is tarred with an overwhelming sadness. A powerful statement indeed.


Tim Mattia
Director of Photography
Adric Watson
Tom Birmingham
Alex Noble
Lucy Gibson
Production Company
London AlleyLondon Alley website
Theo Hutchcraft
Director's Rep (UK)
Alexa Haywood at Free Agent UK
Dan Millar

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