Pale Waves 'There's A Honey' by Silent Tapes

Pale Waves 'There's A Honey' by Silent Tapes

Silent Tapes direct this performance video with an iridescent glow for Pale Waves.

Remember that parachute game in primary school where you'd get to run under it as it billowed and rippled above you? Well now imagine that scenario but you're all grown up, you're in a band and instead of every colour of the rainbow you're left to exclusively deal in pink and blue hues. Actually, you don't have to imagine it - here it is. Silent Tapes' artful performance clip is beautiful and dreamlike with colours and fabrics dancing before your eyes making for a pleasing visual experience.


Silent Tapes
Stephanie Lane
Director of Photography
Francis Lane
Focus Puller
Zag Erlat
Sam Meyer
Art Director
Duane Nasis
Yulia Yurchenko
Yulia Yurchenko
Oisín O'Driscoll
Grading company
The Mill
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Ed Blow
Assistant Producer
Charlotte Toon
Creative Directors
Matty Healy & Samuel Burgess Johnson
Josh Cobb

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