Tinie Tempah ft. Nea 'Chasing Flies' by Emil Nava

Tinie Tempah ft. Nea 'Chasing Flies' by Emil Nava
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For someone of his experience, working with so many of the world's biggest pop artists, when Emil Nava says his new video for Tinie Tempah is like nothing he has ever done before, it makes you sit up and take notice. 

But that is indeed the case with the film for Chasing Flies. It provides a captivating insight into the life of a young rapper based in Reading called Stoner - for reasons that are immediately obvious. His life is expertly sketched in a production that is notable for its authenticity and intimacy; a layered portrait of young Britrish masculinity - and also a standout work in Emil Nava's glittering career.  


From the director


"Working on this project was like nothing I have ever done before. Tinie and his manager Dumi came to me and really wanted to make a youth culture film touching on life in Britain and it sounded so perfect for right now.

"We discussed different ideas and different approaches but then Tinie came to me with a video of this young rapper Stoner and his story was just too amazing. He has had a pretty unbelievable life and his story just had to be told. I spend about two weeks with Stoner finding out about his whole life as I wanted everything to be totally true and nothing staged. As I got deeper into his life it just got madder and madder. So much so, me and Tinie also decided to make a short documentary about him which could even now turn into a feature. This music video was a slice of his life and there is so much to be told. I'm super excited for the world to meet Stoner, his loved ones, family and friends. He is a truly amazing person and I couldn't be more happy that Tinie brought us together.

"The team around me were just like none other. I had Amy James throwing down in all areas of production with no support. Pat Meller my oldest friend, collaborator, and true legend shot on 35mm with basically two crew. My little brother Joe Nava smashed the art department alone. My girlfriend Cristina Squyres did everything from wardrobe, to hair and make up, to catering, and with a crew of just 8 of us it was pretty raw. Stoner and his family and friends opened their lives to us and it was one of the most touching experiences I have ever had on a shoot. Sean Fazende nailed the edit and Aubrey Woodiwiss did a truly beautiful grade

"What Stoner is going through is hard to explain but I hope this shows a piece of how amazing he is. When the full film comes out you will really get to see how much so. This was a great collaboration between my new company Ammolite Inc and Disturbing London, and there are more films to come. Hope you enjoy and can't wait to get the full film finished and out to the world."


Emil Nava
Amy James
Production Company
Ammolite Inc
Executive Producer
Tinie Tempah
Director of Photography
Patrick Meller
Focus Puller
Neil Flaherty
2nd AC
Vicky Hanna
Art Director
Joe Nava
Cristina Squyres
Sean Fazende
Aubrey Woodiwiss
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Sam Seager
Sound Recordists
Marco Toca Ramirez, Florin Ilie

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