A Tribe Called Quest 'Dis Generation' by Hiro Murai

A Tribe Called Quest 'Dis Generation' by Hiro Murai
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Having taken to directing TV like a duck to water with Atlanta - and helped the show to a couple of Emmys in its first season - Hiro Murai returns to music videos to reassert his mastery of the medium for hiphop legends A Tribe Called Quest.

And this really is a sight for sore eyes. In a way it's a throwback, and not because ATCQ were big in the Nineties. The irresistable propulsion of Dis Generation comes alive in a tracking shot in which visual elements repeat but also develop. It provides the basis for more of Murai's FX ideas - the giant Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes facing off with himself, and so on.

And the classic black and white look adds refinement, dignity and warmth. That feels connected to great American music videos of the past, from the likes of Romanek, Fincher and Daughters.

Good to have you back, Mr Murai, at least for a while...    


Hiro Murai
Brooke McDaniel
Jocelyn Webber
Production Company
Doomsday EntertainmentDoomsday Entertainment website
Executive Producer
Danielle Hinde
Director of Photography
Larkin Seiple
Production designer
Hannah Espinoza
Casting director
Michael Beaudry
Ernie Gilbert
Ricky Gausis
Grading company

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