Kasabian 'You're In Love With A Psycho' by WIZ

Kasabian 'You're In Love With A Psycho' by WIZ

Playfully toying with the idea of alter-egos and affectionately illustrating the idiosyncratic relationship at the heart of the band, WIZ is back with another epic video for Kasabian. And, yes, one of those alter-egos is Noel Fielding.

It's also something of a departure for a director renowned for placing pop stars in serious roles in big cinematic scenarios, Kasabian included. The film references are all present and correct, but You're In Love With A Psycho is seriously comic, even cartoonish. 

Featuring appearances from Stephen Graham as well as Noel Fielding, this take on One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest is scurrilously tongue-in-cheek, and full of sight gags. It even includes a touch of the Marx Brothers, with Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno and Fielding engaging in their version of the famous mirror scene from Duck Soup.

The band contribute wholheartedly to an ensemble that sees a gang of patients clamouring for the affections of their nurse - a more alluring version of OFOTCN's evil Nurse Cratchit – before breaking out in a suitably demented dance routine. Great stuff.



Cecily Barber
Production Company
My AccompliceMy Accomplice website
Executive Producer
Jamie Clark
Production Manager
Mavreen Brown
1st AD
Dan Gibling
Director of Photography
Adam Suschitzky
Focus Puller
Nathan Mann
Nelson OliverNelson Oliver website
Art Director
Lucie Red
Susie Couthard
Bebe Newson
Elise Butt
Editing company
Trim Editing
Simone Grattarola
Grading company
Time Based Arts
Noel Fielding, Stephen Graham
Stephen Graham
Director's Representation
Alexa Haywood at Free Agent UKAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK website
Mike O'Keefe
Sony Music

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