Johnny Flynn 'Wandering Aengus' by Simon Ryninks

Johnny Flynn 'Wandering Aengus' by Simon Ryninks
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Simon Ryninks' video for folk singer-songwriter and actor Johnny Flynn presents a young woman's yearning to escape her grinding existence in London for green fields and rocky coastlines with an effective visual device, cutting betwen identical shots of her in the wildly different places.   

It's Ryninks' second in a series of videos to accompany South African born Flynn's new album Sillion, with the girl's dreams of freedom expressed in scenes shot in a remote corner of South Wales, with Flynn (who also stars in Ryninks' short film Contractor 014352) as her guardian angel.


Simon RyninksSimon Ryninks website
Simon Ryninks
Production Company
The Milo Wladek Co.
Production Manager
Zak Klein
Director of Photography
Dino Dimopoulos
Simon Ryninks
Richard Vaux
Johnny Flynn, Hanna Harlyn, Gruffudd Glyn
Tim Dellow

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