Thyla 'Motherlode' by Riccardo Salvi

Thyla 'Motherlode' by Riccardo Salvi
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With two previous adventures in the bag, Riccardo Salvi brings his hapless Nerd Guy creation back for a third wacky and entertaining escapade for the benefit of Brighton-based dream pop band Thyla.

Salvi himself plays the clownish Nerd Guy, who's search for some love action leads him into the clutches of a mad, bad, leather-clad dominatrix. Soon he's running through London's nightime streets in a sex slave outfit, desperately attempting to evade her clutches.

It's a totally daft live action cartoon, and it works because of Salvi's portrayal of Nerd Guy - a very endearing comic character.


Riccardo Salvi
Ivlas Odraccir
Production Company
We Are Pizzazz (collective)
Director of Photography
Karim Andreotti
Focus Puller
Claudio Giambusso
Art Director
Christian Longhi
Riccardo Salvi
Alberto Falcone
Riccardo Salvi, Donna Preston, Caspar Lumley
Vorance Audio

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