RAY BLK 'Patience' by Hector Dockrill

RAY BLK 'Patience' by Hector Dockrill
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Patience is Hector Dockrill and RAY BLK's third video collaboration - following their partnership for My Hood and 5050 - and even though their first video came out this time last year, we can already sense a strong progression from the pair.

Patience feels like the matured version of 5050. It was also shot at the hair salon - where else would you shoot a video about the virtues of patience - but with a beautiful steadicam treatment that feels far more considered.

Ray's musings on society's dreams of instant, viral fame becomes strikingly tangible as beautifully lit portraits of women at the salon - sitting, waiting, dreaming themselves - capture our imagination and somehow exemplify those human desires for validation, self expression, approval, and in our day and age, instant fame.


Hector Dockrill
Executive Producer
Sarah Boardman
Stephanie Paeplow
Production Company
Pulse FilmsPulse Films website
1st AD
Danny Groombridge
Director of Photography
Ann Evelin Lawford
Focus Puller
James Mills
Leo Naessens
Grant Sandy Phillips
Jordan Tewkesbury
Stylist (Artist)
Justin Rose
Stylist (cast)
Naomi Richardson
Hair & Make-up
Bernicia Boateng
Hal Hudson
Olivia Wilkes
Flynn Stones
Jordan Mcdermott

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