Mysdiggi x Sainsbury's 'Food Dancing (Yum Yum Yum)' by Siri Bunford

Mysdiggi x Sainsbury's 'Food Dancing (Yum Yum Yum)' by Siri Bunford
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Since it's release in late January, Sainsbury's have celebrated the joys of preparing food and healthy living with an effervescent use of real people and a freshly-minted music track in the ad Food Dancing, directed by Siri Bunford at Knucklehead.    

Sainsbury's ad agency Weiden & Kennedy commissioned the song from UK hiphop artist MysDiggi (who has Sainsbury connections; his mum works for them in store), and then Bunford directed people from all over the UK dancing to the track in their own kitchens.

And it gave the director the chance not just to make the TV spots but also a music video in the same naturalistic style, with more people, more excellent dancing, more Mysdiggi - plus a cool, full colour section featuring some of the ordinary folks parading more of their impressive dance moves.

The fact the longer version has garnered far more views on YouTube than the 60" ad - in fact it has now passed a million views - confirms that this is a branded music video that really works. 


Siri Bunford
Production Company
Executive Producer
Matthew Brown
Line Producer
Matthew Brown
Director of Photography
Jim Joliffe
Adam Rudd
Editing company
Final Cut
VFX Company
Time Based Arts
VFX Supervisor
Tom Johnson
Mike Aveling
VFX Producer
Lauren Havard
Lead Animator
Jess Gorick
Simone Grattarola
Wieden & Kennedy London
Creative Director
Scott Dungate
Creative Director
Sophie Bodoh

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