Alesso 'Falling' by Henrik Hanson

Alesso 'Falling' by Henrik Hanson
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Henrik Hanson combines a Flashdance-esque concept with a touch of Frankenstein to create a very stylish and steamy fantasy for Alesso's Falling.

The sight of the solitary girl making some powerfully sexy moves in his loft space inspires an intense-looking Alesso into action. The mystery of why this involves him crunching numbers on his laptop is resolved when his latest creation is revealed - a male partner for the girl who, it turns out, is a very human-looking robot.

“I wanted to make video about something impossible, like two AI robots falling in love," says Hanson. "Alesso discovers that something is amiss, and creates a partner, the AI couple fall in love through their dance. I wanted the dance to feel passionate and sensual, and to send a message to the viewer that we should take care of each other. He takes care of her, and she takes care of him after a long and hot dance.”


Henrik Hanson
Henry Jacobson
Emma Tammi
Production Company
Mind Hive Films
Director of Photography
Benjamin Kitchens
Art Director
Ali Isaksen
Nicke Jacobsson
Post production company
The Chimney Pot
Post Producer
Max Gernandt
The Chimney Pot
Director's Representation
Stand Art Stockholm

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