Katy Perry 'Chained To The Rhythm' by Mathew Cullen

Katy Perry 'Chained To The Rhythm' by Mathew Cullen

Mathew Cullen and Katy Perry explore the intrinsically flawed ideals of the nuclear family in this CGI-heavy theme park clip for Chained To The Rhythm.

Employing the retro-futurism aesthetic and running with it full pelt into Katy Perry's standard pastel-pink and blue colour palette, exploring a trip to an all-American 50s-style theme park where the squeaky-clean fun and prosperity takes a disturbing turn. By the end, in a highly melodramatic reaction shot, that is all too clear to Katy. 

So on one level the video can be read as a metaphor for the worryingly herd-like behaviour that's a by-product of our self-obsessed, fun-seeking modern culture. On another it's just a fun, CGI-laden trip into a quasi-Disney dystopia with incredible costumes and production design - and you'd never expect anything less from a Katy Perry video, right? Both ways, it's another impressive achievement by Mathew Cullen.


Mathew Cullen
Danny Lockwood
Rob Newman
Javier Jimenez
Director's Representation
Tommy Labuda

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