Puzzle 'Little Black Book' by Ruslan Pelykh

Puzzle 'Little Black Book' by Ruslan Pelykh

Ruslan Pelykh's performance video for Puzzle is a piece of minimalist cool with a heavy post-production flare.

Featuring many hands clawing their way from the edges of the frame throughout the video, the images created here with a limited but well-used colour palette of red, white and black are wonderful collages with considered composition. A full frame never appears cluttered, and a stark frame never empty.

Costume and make-up conspire here to make Puzzle seem somewhat otherworldly, which is only enhanced when he dissolves into nothing at the end of the track.


Ruslan Pelykh
Tom Jordan
Production Company
RecognitionRecognition website
Director of Photography
Brendan Mcginty
Focus Puller
Dan Dimartino
Art Director
Yulia Kulik
Naz di Nicola
Diego Sousa
Natalie Sharp
Ruslan Pelykh
Papercut Music

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