Big Baby D.R.A.M. 'Cute' by Nathan R. Smith

Big Baby D.R.A.M. 'Cute' by Nathan R. Smith

What could possibly bring any more joy to your day than the infectious smile of D.R.A.M? Well, what about his Muppet doppelganger? 

Nathan R. Smith's video for 'Cute' is a playful love story that lives up to the title of the track. D.R.A.M. and his Muppet pal hit the city in search of love, and of course they find it, because honestly who could resist? Not before a bit of puppet-based group sex and debauchery, though.


Nathan R. Smith
Paulette Agnes Ang
Production Company
Kode MediaKode Media website
1st AD
Paul Bugarin
Director of Photography
Conor Murphy
Focus Puller
Christie Leitzell
2nd AC
Danny Ryan
Seth Dean
Art Director
Allison Coates
Fatima B
Nigella Miller
Tenelle Veira
Nathan R. Smith
Josh Bohoskey
Grading company
The Mill

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