Muna 'I Know A Place' by Tabitha Denholm

Muna 'I Know A Place' by Tabitha Denholm

"We wanted this video to be a depiction of the fact that acknowledging the humanity of your enemy can be the most powerful battle tactic of all. Lay down your weapon."

Muna's mission statement for this video certainly doesn't beat around the bush and neither does Tabitha Denholm's video. It's Muna vs. a line of faceless riot police - representing here an authoritarian regime that your imagination might not have to stretch too far to picture. Their message here is one of compassion, rather than violence, which in some circles might be a more controversial school of thought.

Political ideologies here are intercut with some incredible costume and performance elements from the band. It looks like dystopia, but it's a very stylish dystopia.


Tabitha Denholm
Peter Williams
Production Company
Happy Street
Executive Producer
Jeff Pantaleo
Production Manager
Rachel Ottenstein
1st AD
Peter Williams
Director of Photography
Michael Garcia
Art Director
Spencer Graves
Gina Aglietti
Tabitha Denholm
Arnold Ramm
Grading company
Coyote Post
Morgan Quinn
Nicholas Robespierre
RCA Records

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