Aquilo 'You Won't Know Where You Stand' by Eoin Glaister - now signed to Agile Films

Aquilo 'You Won't Know Where You Stand' by Eoin Glaister - now signed to Agile Films

Eoin Glaister has directed a trilogy of videos for Lancashire band Aquilo, three interconnected narratives that highlight different aspects, and different characters, within a bigger picture. The release of the first video coincides with the announcement that Glaister has signed to Agile Films for music videos and commercials.

Part one of the Silhouettes Trilogy focuses on a teenage girl, aiming for the top as a competitive figure skater, and how a romance distracts her from the sport she trains so hard for and affects her relationship with her dedicated father (played by Perry Benson, from This Is England).

Shooting with predominantly handheld cinematography to enhance the kitchen sink aesthetic, and sticking to a relatively cold colour palette for most scenes, even ones we'd normally associate with warmth, what starts as a sweet narrative ends on a more sombre note. But there is clearly more to come.  

It is the second time that Glaister has worked with Aquilo and created a narrative over more than one video. He created a two-parter for their first album and won an MVA as a result. This is also his first video released since officially joining Agile Films, and Katie Lambert, Agile's head of music says: "I am so thrilled to have Eoin as an official part of the Agile family. Mostly because I like spending time with him and making videos gives me a fantastic excuse to do so. What a dream."



Eoin Glaister
Production Company
Agile FilmsAgile Films website
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert
Emma Wellbelove
Director of Photography
Charlie Goodger
1st AD
Rosie Owen
Focus Puller
Toby Goodger
Clapper Loader
Brendan Harvey
Camera Trainee
Lisa Wiik
Isobella Walton
Hair & Make-up
Sophie Davis
Art Direction
Tanya Eskander
Sound Recording
Nick Ager
Ramzey Sabbagh
Josh Brooks
Laurence Halstead
JP Blunt
Marty McMullan @ Rushes
Hayley Marchant
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website

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