Young Thug 'Wyclef Jean' by Ryan Staake

Young Thug 'Wyclef Jean' by Ryan Staake
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You know how we often have notes from the director about how they made the video, under this bit? Well, Ryan Staake had a better idea: putting his Director's Notes actually in the video itself. 

It wasn't quite what he had planned originally for the video for Young Thug's Wyclef Jean. But why explain further when Ryan does so in the video itself?

Suffice to say, there have been meta-videos before, and they tend to be fun things. But this may well be the best ever. And as Young Thug doesn't come out of it in the best light, somewhat miraculous that it was released at all.


Ryan Staake
Young Thug
Production Company
Production Company
Executive Producer
Ryan Staake
Executive Producer
Ryen Bartlett
Executive Producer
Nathan Scherrer
Jeff Kopchia
Head Of Production
Kevin Staake
Director of Photography
Trevor Wineman
Ryan Staake
Eric Degliomini
1st AD
Erik Mateo
Mike Misslin
David Torcivia
Art Director
Pele Kudren
Director's Rep (UK)
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