Wild Front 'Tumble Party' by Jake Hargreaves

Wild Front 'Tumble Party' by Jake Hargreaves

Wild Front and Jake Hargreaves deliver an ice-cold performance video for Tumble Party.

Mixing recording formats and featuring some throwback roller-disco aesthetic charm, the video is part performance, part symbolism. It has to be said, there's something about watching a woman rollerskate around a 120kg block of ice that makes you ponder the infinite.

From the director


"For this video the band wanted a 'performance piece with an edge'. As they were yet to all star in an official video together and were eager to show off their craft.

"The video is about a fading relationship. The ice block at the beginning representing strength (120kg of it!), but inevitably soon to fade and melt away. The girl skating through and around augmenting this. Her movements toying with the relationship... deteriorating it. The aftermath of the party with the bands scenes signifying its all over.

"The band being in their early days meant a next to nothing budget... so pulled everything I could together and tried to be resourceful!"


Jake Hargreaves
Director of Photography
Jake Hargreaves
Jake Hargreaves
Lucy Taylor
Crockford Management
Crockford Management

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