Jain 'Makeba' by Greg & Lio

Jain 'Makeba' by Greg & Lio

Greg & Lio join Jain in South Africa for a mind-bogglingly fun performance, which attempts to cram in as many cool VFX ideas that it possibly can in three and a half minutes.

As Jain dances around various urban and natural scenery, the environment around her changes to the beat in wonderfully inventive ways. From perspectives changing, to time seemingly operating at three different speeds simultaneously, you'll certainly have a hard time making sense of everything your eyes are taking in on a first watch.

As well as the free-flowing VFX fun, the video also paints a wonderful cultural portrait of various aspects of South Africa - with the song's name a tribute to Miriam Makeba, a singer, civil rights activist known affectionately as 'Mama Africa'.


Greg & Lio
Olivier Bassuet
Production Company
Art Bridge - Quad Group
Production Company
Emilie Urbansky
Sony Music France
Matthieu Toullet
Grading company

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