Johnny V. Lewis 'Chasing Hail' by Elle Ginter

Johnny V. Lewis 'Chasing Hail' by Elle Ginter

Elle Ginter presents this spiritual and cinematic video for Johnny V. Lewis' Chasing Hail.

Stuck in a narrative limbo, we follow a man as he walks through his life as three separate versions of himself (past, present, future) and through clever graphic match-cuts his three selves explore the incredible array of surreal, theatrical scenes laid out in front of him, all with a very melancholy tinge.

The clip hints at the ending throughout, but seeing all three versions of himself reconcile at the grave is a great piece of narrative closure.


Elle GinterElle Ginter website
Samantha Scaffidi
Executive Producer
Johnny Lewis
Director of Photography
Allison Anderson
Focus Puller
Daniel Cardenas
2nd AC
Aron Romanoff
Dan Debrey
Art Director
Madison Hatch
Madeline Porterfield
Alexander Gottlieb
Michelle Gianchetti
Naomi Miyako
Allison Anderson
Samantha Scaffidi, Issam Mkaiki, Paul Chuddy

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