Honeyblood 'Sea Hearts' by Thomas James

Honeyblood 'Sea Hearts' by Thomas James

Following on from Thomas James's MVA-winning video for Ready For The Magic, featuring a gang of feral young girls, his next collaboration with Scottish pop-punk duo Honeyblood features another deceptively deadly female. It's the Season of the Witch.  

Emerging from the sea's murky depths in the guise of a beautiful woman - the Sea Witch of myth and lore claims her first victim on the beach before making her way to a house party, where Honeyblood just so happen to be the entertainment. It's a low-key masquerade ball in a house awash with blue and purple light, where the sea witch's true hideous appearance begins to be revealed to the viewer.

Of course, as any good fable-cum-horror story, the Sea Witch ensnares a victim to lure back to the beach, and then to the ocean floor... Darkly comic, weird and fun.


Thomas James
Martha McGuirk
Sorcha Bacon
Production Company
Black Dog FilmsBlack Dog Films website
Executive Producer
Katie Dolan
1st AD
Wayne Bentley
Director of Photography
Ben Wearing
Richard Woolway
Editing company
HomespunHomespun website
Nick Dalby
Grading company
Director's Representation
Martin Roker
Production designer
Zoe Klinck
Amnah Hafez
Alexandra Green
Production Assistant
Danny Mousey
Production Assistant
Hayder Hoozeer
Focus Puller
Ruth Woodside
Focus Puller
Eate Eccarius 
Clapper Loader
Milo Brown
Ryan Monteith
Callum Crisell
Gwenaelle Trannoy
Art Department
Rowan Wrigley
Art Department
Amanda Ashley 
SFX Make Up
Aimee Garner
Make Up Designer
Jess Summer
Make Up Artist
Annie Botta
Make Up Artist
Francesca Ingram
Stylist Assistant
Lily Vetch 
Sound Recordist
Matt Smyth
Sound Designer
Ryan Lee Twyman 
Rotoscoping And Paint Work
VFX Artist
Lev Bravo
Romany Henry, Janina Clark, Albert De Jongh, Catriona Stirling & Ryan Spong

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