Vic Mensa '16 Shots' by Ace Norton

Vic Mensa '16 Shots' by Ace Norton

Vic Mensa takes on police brutality in the devastating 16 Shots video, directed by Ace Norton.

A tragic narrative that runs through the modern world is one of police officers murdering black men, leaving many feeling powerless and victimised by those supposedly employed to protect them. Mensa's hard-hitting lyrics combined with Norton's visuals are a powerful reminder not just of how many people have fallen, but also that no matter how many times it happens, the persecuted will rise up to get what they're owed: fair treatment.

The video is bloody, but necessarily so as it serves to illustrate just how heartbreaking and violent this issue truly is. With real footage of police murdering Laquan McDonald intercut with dance interpreting the same actions closing out the piece. Sobering, vital viewing.


Ace Norton
Lars Ruch
Rick Epstein
Production Company
Executive Producer
Lars Ruch
Executive Producer
Ace Norton
Director of Photography
Alex Alexandrov
Art Director
Ali Isaksen
Laura Francis
James Duffy
Editing company
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