Bring Me The Horizon 'Oh No' by Isaac Eastgate

Bring Me The Horizon 'Oh No' by Isaac Eastgate
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A hostage situation, a band performance in the recording studio, overseen by an intense producer, a short-circuiting mixing desk, a wild party – and a clay baby playing the trumpet... There's no doubt that Isaac Eastgate fits a lot into his video for Bring Me The Horizon's Oh No.

It may be confusing and wacky, there's also a sense of the unexpected, so you're always wondering if the story strands are connected, or how it's going to end.

That certainly appealed to BMTH's singer Olly Sykes, who told Rolling Stone magazine: "This is the first video I've took a step back from creatively and let the director take full control. At first, I was apprehensive but when it all came together I was psyched on it. It's got a good balance of humour and meaning, and it's a video that leaves you with a lot of questions." No doubt about it.


Isaac Eastgate
Davo McConville
Production Company
ForeverForever website
Executive Producer
Sasha Nixon
Production Manager
Jana Nouskova
1st AD
Wayne Bentley
Director of Photography
Nic Booth
Focus Puller
Anthony Mchugh
Harry Gay
Art Director
Xander Mitchell
Cobi Yates
Jessica Cheetham
Ben Crook
Editing company
SpeadeSpeade website
Jack McGinty
Grading company
Time Based Arts
Post production company
Electric Palm Trees
Graham Smith
Ian U'chong, Jozef Aoki, Benedict Black, Lauren Harris
Daniel Miller
Sony Music
DoP's representation

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