Hey Violet 'Guys My Age' by Sophia Ray

Hey Violet 'Guys My Age' by Sophia Ray
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Sophia Ray directs Guys My Age for LA supergroup Hey Violet, a neon fairytale that wanders through a dream of night-time diners, glow in the dark Cadillacs, vacant Unicorn boys and moody pink motel rooms.

The band, fronted by superstar-in-the-making Rena Lovelis, take us on a surreal pastel dark wave fantasy. 

Sophia explains that the video is "delving into Rena's fantastically elaborate and colourful fantasies, as she lets her imagination take her away from the mundane boredom of her real world and the guys she is singing about…'


Sophia Ray
Executive Producer
Ross Anderson
Matt Frost
Production Company
Nice & PoliteNice & Polite website
Line Producer
Tommy Dingwall
Production Manager
Nick Cortes
Production Coordinator
Lizzy Deroy
1st AD
Gage Brown
Director of Photography
Scott Cunningham
1st AC
Perigrin Jung
2nd AC
Evan Butka
Brandon Delgado
Production designer
Emma Rose Mead
Prop Master
Chris Barundia
Art Department Assistant
Rebecca Tendick
Mia Row
Esteban Arias
Sienree Du
Alexis Swain
Richard Alarcon
Editing company
Sunset Edit
Edit Producer
Nazeli Kodjoian
Post production company
Smoke & Mirrors
Post Producer
Melissa Trindade
Post Producer
Hannah Whitehall
Jonny Tully
Targa Sahyoun
Capitol Records

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