Bonzai 'I Did' by Tom Bunker

Bonzai 'I Did' by Tom Bunker

Take a walk through a psychotropical rainforest with Bonzai in this video for I Did. Tom Bunker – known for his incredible embroidered video for Throne, co-directed with Nicos Livesey, which won a UKMVA back in 2014 – has delivered an incredible piece of enchanted animation here.

The viewer is invited to wander through a forest of the subconscious where images melt and blend together and fantastical creatures emerge and disappear. The animation style is vibrant and textured, making you want to reach out and grab the forest fruits on display, with every action onscreen edited to perfection with an accompanying synth hit, prepare to be immersed for three minutes of saturated joy.


Tom Bunker
Art Director
Pete Sharp
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Laura Clayton
Sony Music
Isaac Holland, Blanca Martinez, Sean Weston, Tom Bunker, Joe Sparkes, James Hatley, Alex Smith

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