Georgie 'Company of Thieves' by James Beale

Georgie 'Company of Thieves' by James Beale

Why can't we all just get along? James Beale's video for Georgie puts couples at odds in this London flat block.

As if storming out of a flat fresh from an argument, Georgie's wrath here is contagious as she wanders the grounds spreading anger in the night air. It seems wherever she goes there's drama. Beale here lets all the action play out in the background whilst keeping the focus on Georgie. Forcing the viewer to look around the frame and catch the glimpses of as many stories as they can before the song is over.


James Beale
Production Company
Colonel Blimp
Corin Taylor
Head of Music Video
Richard Grewe
Laura Clayton
Production Manager
Jack Bingham
Production Assistant
Abi Jones
1st AD
Kerry Green
Director of Photography
Jack Wilkinson
Focus Puller
Adam Feeney
Andrew Fletcher
Art Director
Daisy Azis
Wardrobe Stylist
Natalie Wilkins
Georgie’s Stylist
Coline Bach
Make Up Artist
Emma Croft

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