Blossoms 'Blown Rose' by Francis Wallis

Blossoms 'Blown Rose' by Francis Wallis
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Francis Wallis has delivered this beautifully anachronistic visual treatment for British indie pop band Blossoms, styled in a classic rock aesthetic and featuring a femme fatale who has stolen the lead singer's heart. 

Shot in a large, neglected, moonlit home, where candles burn amongst flowers, the band plays and this beauty walks the hallways, and sits at her dressing table. Little do we know what horrible things she has in store for the lead singer...

From the director


"This video was actually shot at a home previously owned by Led Zeppelin and there is a definite feeling of “faded grandeur” within the grounds that I felt tied in perfectly with the lyrics of this track. Its one of those locations you know is right the moment you walk in the door. 

"We wanted to give this video a slightly darker color pallet that felt predominantly lit by moonlight. The challenge was to create this “lunar” effect on a very sunny day in a house with lots of natural light.

"To me this track examines that feeling of not being in the driving seat in a relationship, a knowledge that the affection you have for that person is not felt in return and the turmoil this can bring. Watching our girl set the table alight just confirming visually how powerless we can be over the outcome of these things."


Francis Wallis
Hannah Bilverstone
Production Company
Director of Photography
Davey Gilder
Movi Operator
Tom McMahon
Focus Puller
Gary Long
2nd AC
Lloyd Cook
Charlie Jenkins
George Jenkins
Richard Curtis
Art Direction
Kat Hawker
Art Department Assistant
Bonnie Hamilton
Natalie Wilkins
Elena Diaz
Make-up Assistant
Bernadette MacMillan
Kit Wells
Editing company
Final Cut
Dan Moran
Grading company
Coffee and TV
Director's Rep (UK)
Marisa Garner @ MGA
Paul McKee
Virgin EMI

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