Snakehips ft. Zayn 'Cruel' by Alex Southam

Snakehips ft. Zayn 'Cruel' by Alex Southam
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Inspired by the heavily-neon, urban aesthetic of Blade Runner, Alex Southam has created a world of city nightscapes for Snakehips's track Cruel, featuring a performance by ex-One Direction singer Zayn. With fluorescent lighting throughout, we discover a new world that is still in keeping with Snakehip’s previous nighttime promo visuals.

Capturing Zayn’s characteristically cool performance, the video boasts some warped, distorted post-production trickery and wicked, winding camera movement. Stylish and bold, it focuses on a central tracking move whereby the camera seamlessly tracks forward passing through CCTV camera to apartment to alleyway - cop car to nightclub. 

Alex enlisted VFX juggernauts Coffee & TV and created the 2D/3D animations himself with Lev Bravo. Expertly shot by Rob Witt, the resulting video sure is a colourful, visually engaging and energetic pop promo with a modern feel. 


Alex Southam
Rachel Rumbold
Production Company
London AlleyLondon Alley website
Executive Producer
Jess Bell
Director of Photography
Rob Witt
Art Director
Zach Apo-tsang
Chris Roebuck
Editing company
Dan Moran
Grading company
Coffee & TV
Line Producer
Ryan Huffman
Post production company
Coffee & TV
Service Company
Anthem Films
Post Producer
Chris Chard
Ollie Ramsay
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Dan Millar
Lisa Foo
Sony Music
Aaron Sillis
Assistant Choreographer
Pat Boguslawski
Assistant Art Director
Laurie Walters
2D/3D Animation
Lev Bravo & Alex Southam
Additional Footage Director
Libby Burke Wilde
Additional Footage Producer
Jamie Cox
Additional Footage DOP
James Rhodes

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