Chvrches ft. Hayley Williams 'Bury It' by Darren Price and Jamie McKelvie

Chvrches ft. Hayley Williams 'Bury It' by Darren Price and Jamie McKelvie

Darren Price of Mighty Nice teams up with critically acclaimed comic book artist and music enthusiast Jamie McKelvie to give Chvrches their own superhero origin story.

McKelvie is famed for, amongst other things, his comic book series Phonogram and The Wicked And The Divine  - in which both music artists and fans find themselves with all manner of God-like superpowers. Now he brings the same narrative arc to this video.

The comic book version of Chvrches - joined by Paramore's Hayley Williams - first harness their telekinetic powers before taking to the skies above New York City. It's a simple story told with a great visual style and some wonderful animation flourishes. 


Darren Price
Jamie McKelvie
Mighty Nice
Production Company
Nexus Productions
Executive Producer
Julia Parfitt
Isobel Conroy
Art Director
Vincent E Sousa
Character Design
Jamie McKelvie
Virgin EMI
Andrew Corsi

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