Banks & Steelz 'Giant' by Wendy Morgan

Banks & Steelz 'Giant' by Wendy Morgan
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Wendy Morgan has created an intense, claustrophobic video to reflect the powerful performances at the heart of this collaboration between RZA (from Wu Tang Clan) and Paul Banks (from Interpol) - AKA Banks & Steelz.

Although it includes Morgan's signature use of dance - in case a troupe of great dancers including the legendary Storyboard P – as well as the artists, all suited and booted, its also characterised by winding camera moves that takes us from the street, through the inside of a derelict building and up onto a rooftop where the city skyline is both below and above. A climactic shot that creates an oppressive, dystopic vision of modern life.


Wendy Morgan
Kaitlin Del Campo
Production Company
Believe MediaBelieve Media website
Executive Producer
Jannie McInnes
Director of Photography
Rik Zang
2nd AC
Ashton Green
Ray Richards
Art Director
Anastasia Dudin
Bobby Evelynn
Peter Johnson
Daniel Bochenski
Devin Sarno
Warner Bros. Records
Wynn Holmes
Director's Rep (UK)
Alexa Haywood at Free Agent UKAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK website
The Ghost of New York; Storyboard P, Visual Recording Vanguard; POBA, Visual Recording Artist; Najla Gilliam
Ziare Braddock

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